Listening to needs to simplify class management

At Teaméo, we participate in the digital transformation of education by listening closely to the needs of educational institutions and by creating simple, effective technological solutions adapted to the reality in the classroom.

Our recipe is simple...


Collaborate openly

Nous écoutons et collaborons étroitement avec les différents intervenants des établissements scolaires pour bien comprendre leur réalité. En


Constantly innovating

We seek solutions to current challenges while always looking to the future. Thus, Teaméo is in continuous evolution.


Spread our passion

We combine the best of our passion for education and our technological expertise to improve the experience of teachers and students.

Teaméo is a technological solution that adapts perfectly to the reality of the education systems of Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Nous sommes engagés à rendre l’expérience numérique des enseignants et des étudiants simple, pratique et conviviale En

Our partners

In addition to being a Microsoft Gold partner since 2007, the Teaméo team is fortunate to be supported by Centech, a world-class innovation center founded by the École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS). Centech supports high-tech companies and projects with high growth potential. We are also members of the Edteq Association, a key player in the educational technology movement in Quebec and internationally.


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